Come, come, all miracles, all miracles!
Phrase from Gerben Klazes Brouwer (1777-1818, X)

This Genealogy Brouwer 1 includes descendants of Reimer Gerbens Brouwer I (number XI.1 in this family tree) and Jantje Rinses Haadsma. The lineage, which precedes this family tree, begins around 1450 and the men in it are, without exception, farmers for up to the fifteenth generation, which is more than 500 years. This is consistent and at the same time relative: in an arrangement like this only the line from father to son matters. Since the 15th century a human being has about 15,000 ancestors, many of whom are something other than farmers.
This line has been farming in Bitgum since about 1725. Gerben Reimers Brouwer I (XII.1) stands out because he excavates the terp Bessum, and with his wife Brechtje Folkerts Damsma, donates the Frisian handball prize ‘de Nije Gripe’ to Frisian handball club ‘Oefening Kweekt Kunst’, of which he is patron.
With their son Reimer Gerbens Brouwer II (XIII.1) and his family, the conversion takes place. This runs like a thread through their lives. Among their descendants, in two or three generations there are remarkably many who become involved in the Frisian field. Gerben Reimers Brouwer II (XIV.1) in particular feels called upon to commit himself to the Frisian National cause.

Below are five generations in portrait. Gerben Reimers Brouwer I (1829-1914, XII.1), Reimer Gerbens Brouwer II (1856-1929, XIII.1), Gerben Reimers Brouwer II (1886-1961, XIV.1), Reimer Gerbens Brouwer III (1912-2001) and Gerben Reimers Brouwer III (1942)

In addition to lineage and family tree, various sub-topics are described and inspected in a chronicle. Here and there, the boundaries are further explained as their own base, so that an image emerges of social environments of the Frisian movement and way of life.

At the same time, this setup serves as documentation of photos, letters and other archival material. In order not to get buried with too much well-intended information, you can click through for more previews.
The extensive family archive is – in addition to this digital document – further secured for the future and is stored according to agreements in climate-controlled vaults at the municipality of Waadhoeke. The archives can be consulted for research by appointment with Heritage Foundation.
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This Genealogy of Brouwer St.-Anne-Bitgum is subdivided into three stages, descendants of the brothers:
-Reimer Gerbens: Genealogy Brouwer 1
-Sipke Gerbens: Genealogy Brouwer 2
-Wopke Gerbens: Genealogy Brouwer 3.
The lineage is much more complete and is located on this page.
All three family trees are also shown in the diagram up to the 21st generation per page.
In descendant reports the descendants of Gerben Reimers Brouwer I and Brechtje Folkerts Damsma are described, namely:
Maartje Gerbens Brouwer: Genealogy Dijkstra
Reimer Gerbens Brouwer II: below XIII.1
Jantje Gerbens Brouwer: Genealogy Siderius
Folkje Gerbens Brouwer: Genealogy De Jong – Bitgum
Dirkje Reimers Brouwer: Genealogy Van Tuinen
Bregtje Reimers Brouwer: Herman Andringa, Tsjikke Andringa, Ype Brouwers, Piter Andringa, Andringa 3 – Geschiedenis van de verschillende families Andringa van 1450 tot heden, Andringa Stichting, 2016 ISBN 978 90 803 389-0-6 (YB 121, side 346) and Genealogy Wartena
Gerben Reimers Brouwer II, see below XIV.1
Hendrikje Reimers Brouwer: Genealogy Van der Schaaf.

This is all a work in progress. Genealogy 2 and 3 are still in the making.

* = born
~ = baptized
x = married
w.m. = living together
sk = divorced
† = deceased
[] = buried
§ = anecdote/statement/addition; shown in green
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Sources among others:
-generations I-VII: Genealogysk jierboekje 1989 – Pieter Nieuwland: Meylema – Genealogy, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden, 1989; page 49
Frysk Kertiersteateboek – Gerben Rientses Wartena and Goasse Doekeles Brouwer: Brouwer-Damsma, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden 1996
-research Erfgoed Fundaasje
-announcements: Sybe Harmens Andringa (SHA), Durk Gerbens Brouwer XV.2 (DRB), Gerben Reimers Brouwer XV.1.3 (GRBIII), Maeike Reimers Brouwer XVI.1 (MRB), Nynke Reimers Brouwer XVI.4 (NRB), Piter Gerbens Brouwer XV.4 (PGB), Reimer Gerbens Brouwer XV.1 (RGBIII), Tsjisse Doekeles Brouwer XV.3.5 (TDB), Pieter Meines Donker (PMD), Jabik Keimpes Dykstra (JKD), Tine Harkema-Strikwerda (THS), Hylke Jitzes de Jong (HJdJ), Durk Sybrens van der Schaaf (DSvdS), Reimer van Tuinen (RvT).
Translation from Frisian onto English: Peter Venema.

These topics are a work in progess. Click on the topic to get started immediately.

§ NAPOLEON IS NOT INVOLVED – Klaas Gerbens Brouwer is already named Brouwer before 1811
§ FATHER TAXED HIGHEST, SON DIED IN THE POORHOUSE – Gerben Klazes is one of the most highly taxed persons

§ COME, COME, ALL MIRACLES – Gerben Klazes talks about this and that
§ A SOMEWHAT SAD SAYING – Klaas Gerbens’ career
§ FAMILY-SICK – A broad field of view of family
§ A COMING AND GOING ON ONE FARM – Residents of the Sjoelema farm

In this diagram the names have been indicated according to writing style of the Civil Registry, for instance Anne is written as Antsje and Roymer as Reimer.
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I Pier toe Meylahuus * approximately 1465 † before or in 1534; farmer on Meylahûs below Easterein; in 1494 and 1512 named in the Sneker recess books; in 1511 in the estimate of Easterein; in 1534 there is a dispute about his will; possibly son of Sywrd Piersz,;
x N.N.

II Wattye Piersz. * approx. 1490 † 25 Dec. 1542 (‘kerstheijlige daegh’); named in 1494, farmer in Wjelsryp, probably in Lamckama;
x 1 N.N.
Watse x 2 Wick Reinsdr. † Wjelsryp shortly before 17 May 1563; Wick x 2 Jettze Pieckesz., still alive in 1571

Son from second marriage:
III Tyalling (also: Tzalinck) Watsesz. Meylema * approx. 1535; in 1561 farmer in Eckema in Wjelsryp, in 1568 farmer in Sexbierum in 1568, in 1571 in Lamckama Tjeppenboer below Wjelsryp, where he is also partly owner of. Still living there in 1585. In 1598 his wife Rieme Jarichsdr. is widow;
x before 1563 Rieme Jarichsdr., living as widow in Dronryp and still alive in 1615; daughter of Jarich Martens, farmer in and co-owner of Grut Lopens in Kûbaard (1529, 1560) and of Syts Abbedr.

IV Watse Tjallingsz. * approximately 1570 † Stiens early 1615, farmer in Stiens,
x 1 Foeckel Pietersdr.
x 2 Anna Tjallingsdr. † Stiens 8 Feb. 1635, daughter of Tjallingh Sipkesz., farmer in Stiens on a farm of the Genaerd monastery, and of Frouw Gerrytsdr. She x 2 Peter Gerrits. She x 3 Stiens 23 Jan. 1620 (3rd proclamation) Jarich Jansz, of Britsum

Son from second marriage:
V Pieter Watses (also: Pijtter) * Stiens 1610 ~ there 17 April 1620 (by then his father has passed away and his mother remarried; in all likelyhood his father was a Mennonite) † Aldtsjerk 25 Nov. 1702, 92 years; church member Ref. Church Oentsjerk 24-2-1665; church councilmember; church member in Aldtsjerk 26-8-1683; farmer in Oentsjerk (1640 on farm nr. 14), later probably of independent means in Aldtsjerk.
x 1 Stiens 10 April 1631 (3rd proclamation) Trijn Auckes of Oentsjerk (the first and third wife of Pytter Watses have the same name)
x 2 1650 Barber Meyles
x 3 Oentsjerk 26 Sept. 1675 (1st proclamation) Trijntje Auckes of Sint Annaparochie; church member in Oentsjerk 10-12-1675 with attestation of ‘Annakerck’ (‘Anna church’)

x 4 Aldtsjerk 25 Dec. 1683 Maeicke Jans of Aldtsjerk

Son from first marriage:
VI Watse Pieters * Oentsjerk approximately 1645 † Bornwird before 1705; Watse Pieters and his first wife are registered on 9 June 1671 as Ref. church members in Oentsjerk.
First they run a farm in Oentsjerk, according to lease terminations in 1685, 1687 and 1689 in Bornmeer below Wânswert (farm nr. 17) until 1689; on 18 Aug. 1689 Watse and his second wife are, having come over from Wânswert, registered as church members in Aldtsjerk. In 1698 Watse is renter of farm 5 in Aldtsjerk. He is named in 1698 as one of the men who has supervision of the voters in Aldtsjerk; farmer in Bornwirdhuizen in Bornwird;
x 1 Oentsjerk 26 Febr. 1671 (1st proclamation) Grietie Wiegers (also: Wiggers) of Wânswert, † Oentsjerk; inventory of the house of mourning 29 Dec. 1680; daughter of Wigger Sybes, farmer in Wânswert, and of Reinu Jaspers; Grietie is widow of Pier Wopkes
x 2 Oentsjerk 21 May 1682 (1st proclamation) Imck Dircks of Wânswert, † after 1705, widow of Tjaerd Jarichs.

Son from first marriage:
VII Pier Watses ~ Oentsjerk 25 Dec. 1671 † Ferwert approximately 2 Oct. 1709, inventory of his goods 26 March 1711; farmer in Wânswert until 1697, afterwards on the monastic grange ‘De Flappe’ in Ferwert, farm nr. 37;
x Wânswert (?) 1691/92 Antje Jarichs * Wânswert ~ Ferwert † Ferwert approximately 1744; church member in Wânswert 16 April 1690, with her husband church member in Ferwert 8 Aug. 1697; daughter of Jarich Fokes, farmer in Stiens and Jislum, and of Trijntje Meinerts; Antje remarries in approximately 1711 Bote Tjammes, with whom she continues her husband’s business.
Six known children:
1 Gerben Piers ~ Wânswert 5 April 1693
2 Gerben Piers, follow VIII
3 Died young
4 Jarich Piers Ferwerda
* Wânswert 1697 † Leeuwarden 19 April 1775; citizen of Leeuwarden 16 Sept. 1722, civilian troop leader 1735-1738, civilian scoutmaster 1739-1744, councilmember 1744-1775, master builder 1756-1759; master beer brewer there;
x 1 Leeuwarden, Westertkerk 13 June 1723 Hendrikje Cornelis
x 2 Ljouwert, Grote of Jacobijnerkerk 22 Feb. 1764
Martien Alberts Mijer [] Leeuwarden, Oldehoofsterkerkhof 19 June 1783; Martien x 2 1776 Gijsbertus Krips
5 Grytie Piers ~ Ferwert 25 Sept. 1701 † approximately 1773;
Tjepke Hendriks, farmer on Onghe state in Ferwert (farm nr. 2)
6 Watse Piers ~ Ferwert 2 July 1707, farmer in Lyts Sminia on the Seedyk below Ferwert (farm nr. 21) and user of farmstead nr. 19 en 20 there;
Saapke Pieters ~ Ferwert 11 Dec. 1712; there church member on confirmation 13 May 1747; daughter of Pieter Pieters and of Antje Sipkes.
The family Hoogland, among others, is descended from her, in Ferwerderadiel, Menameradiel, Het Bildt.
See: Genealogysk jierboekje 1962 – J.IJ. Feenstra: Het geslacht Hoogland; Genealogysk jierboekje 1987 – Pieter Nieuwland: Kertiersteat fan Pieter Nieuwland, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden 1962 and 1987.

VIII Gerben Piers ~ Wânswert 17 June 1694 † Bitgum, by the Mill, 24 March 1783, 89 years [] Bitgum row 16; approximately 1725 farmer on ‘Zwettehorne’ (B nr. 20) in the Bitgumer Nijlân; approx. 1730 farmer at the Mill in Bitgum, Schwartzenberg farm, farm nr. 4 (44 pmt); in 1738, 1748 farmer in Dyksterhuzen, urban farm, farm nr. 17, later nr. 14, (66 pmt), in the 19th century named ‘Zomerzorg’, now Dyksterhuzen nr. 34; in 1758 farmer in Grut Alsert, farm nr. B19, new nr. B16, (128 pmt), now Ingelumerdyk nr. 6; is named ‘well-to-do’ in Quotation sheet;
x Bitgum 8-5-1729 Wijke Scheltes Heslinga * probably Bitgum ~ probably Bitgum Nov. 1708, is then baptized ‘son of Schelte Jacobs named Wiltje’, this is in all likelyhood an error and Wijke was then baptized, † Bitgum 1805 (before 21 May) [] Bitgum row 16; church member on confirmation Ref. Church Bitgum 9 May 1735; church member there 1739, in Dyksterhuzen; church member idem 1765, at the Mill; after the death of her husband farmer in Grut Alsert, later of independent means in Bitgum(mole); daughter of Schelte Jacobus Heslinga and of Eelck Clases, at Buma state in Dyksterhuzen (now nr. 1).
Of Wijke Skeltes the inventory and separation of the estate is prepared at the request of his children and grandchildren (Orphanage book Menameradiel nr. 51, 21 May 1805).
See: Supplement I Inventory descriptions 1

Of Gerben and Wijke eleven children are known:
1 Pier Gerbens ~ Bitgum 12 Feb. 1730;
x Bitgum 12 May 1754, then both of Dronryp, Aafke Theunis
2 Pieter Gerbens
 ~ Bitgum 1 June 1733;

x Bitgum 18 April 1762 Baukje Baukes
3 Schelte Gerbens
 Heslinga * approximately 1735 † before 8 Nov. 1810, smallholder on the Stienzer Hegedyk below Bitgum, in 1758 farmer on a ‘Heslinga farm’ on the middle dyke in the Nijlân, B 8; deacon at Bitgum;

x Bitgum 1 June 1755 Geertje Gerbens (Heslinga), from Jelsum, accepted as church member on confirmation in Bitgum 12 Nov. 1769
4 Haantje Gerbens ~ Bitgum 13 July 1738
5 Antie Gerbens ~ Bitgum 29 Nov. 1739 [] Sneek 22 Jan. 1777
6 Klaas Gerbens Brouwer, follow IX
7 Jacob Gerbens
 Heslinga ~ Bitgum 12 May 1743 † there 25 Aug. 1814, farmer in Bitgum;

x Bitgum 23 May 1768 Aafke Baukes Heslinga * Bitgum † there 6 Jan. 1819, daughter of Bauke Jacobs and Giltje Baukes
8 Eeke Gerbens ~ Bitgum 3 July 1746;
Dirk Hendriks Bosje † before 21 June 1804
9 Akke Gerbens Bitgum ~ 12 Nov. 1747;
x Bitgum 28 Sept. 1777, then both of Bitgum, Jan Fokes
10 Jarich Gerbens
 ~ Bitgum 25 Jan. 1750, smallholder in Hallum;

x Bitgum 29 Aug. 1779, Yebeltje Rienx, of Bitgum (three children known from this marriage: Yetske, Weike and Antje)
11 Grietje Gerbens ~ Bitgum 16 July 1752;
x (her cousin) Dronryp 19 June 1774 Klaas Mattheus Heslinga * Boksum, farmer below Dronryp, son of Mattheus Scheltes Heslinga, farmer in Boksum, and of his third wife Trijntje Gerrits.

IX Klaas Gerbens Brouwer (in documents first name also spelled as Claes/Claas, he writes his own name as Klaas) * approximately 1741 † Súdhoek of Sint Annaparochie below Bitgum 18 Nov. 1800 [] Bitgum row 16; Master beer brewer in Sint Annaparochie (corner of Warmoesstraat/Van Harenstraat), 1788 farmer on Sate nr. 3 in the Súdhoek of Sint Annaparochie below Bitgum (land register nr. 71, later 49, now Langhústerwei nr. 4); user of about 190 pmt; church member Ref. Church Sint Annaparochie 24 April 1769; deacon there 22 Aug. 1784-5 Aug. 1787; churchwarden and parish guardian (for the south quarter) 23 July 1794-27 May 1796

Klaas Gerbens is already referred to as a beer brewer with the surname Brouwer, which is the surname he and his two children Aaltsje and Gerben already had before the official adoption / registration of family names in 1811. Klaas’ brothers Skelte and Jabik name themselves Heslinga, after their mother. If Klaas had not already been mentioned as Brouwer before 1811, he might have also registered as Heslinga.
See: Heritage Foundation Heslinga – Genealogy

Klaas Gerbens x 1
Hendrikje Alberts † Sint Annaparochie 31 Oct. 1769
x 2 (his second cousin) Sint Annaparochie 29 July 1770
Tætske Sipkes Heslinga * Hitzum 2 Aug. 1743 † Sate 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 12 Aug. 1825 (according to death certificate 81 years old, this does not correspond with statement of birth date) [] Bitgum row 16, daughter of Sipke Jans, farmer in Hitzum (probably at nr. 8), and of Pietje Petrus Heslinga.
After the death of her husband, Tætske is  owner (for three-quarters) and user of Sate nr. 3 in the Súdhoek of Sint Annaparochie. She farms there with her grandson Klaas and probably Reimer, this is also where she died; her daughter-in-law Aukje Reimers Koopal moves in 1821 to Sint Annaparochie, it is in all likelihood that her younger sons Sipke, Wop and Jelle are living with her.
Apart from a share in the farm Sate 3 Tætske owns: one Garden, large one and ninety rods, five and eighty ells, and one and ninety palms square, located East at and below St Anna Parochie.
On 8 August 1825 – four days before her death – she sold the apples, pears and walnuts on auction, the proceedings being f 271,50.

At the start of his second marriage, Klaas Gerbens had de household effects described for his daughter Aaltsje (Het Bildt Orphanage books R.A.-H 33).
See: Supplement I Inventory descriptions 2

Klaas Gerbens Brouwer and Tætske Sipkes Heslinga have their will drawn up on 17 Nov. 1800 (Het Bildt – Notarial Archives 559).
See: Supplement I Inventory descriptions 3

Tætske Sipkes Heslinga has her will drawn up again as widow on 31 July 1824. After her passing her household effects are inventoried and assessed in the house of mourning on 25 August and on 24 September 1825 (Het Bildt – Notarial Archives 885).
See: Supplement I Inventory descriptions 4

On 4 December 1825 the heirs request a public sale of the house, the land and the contents (according to a note in the document below).
See: Supplement I Inventory descriptions 5

Sate 3 in the Súdhoek of Sint Annaparochie below Bitgum, three generations of Brouwer farm here. Photo: Bauke Postma. Collection Heritage Foundation

From the marriage of Klaas Gerbens Brouwer and Hendrikje Alberts two children are known:
1 Gerben Klazes ~ Sint Annaparochie 28-7-1765 † before 29-7-1770
2 Aaltje Klazes Brouwer ~ Sint Annaparochie 7-9-1766 † Kollum 25-11-1849, 83 years, 12:30 a.m., house nr. 114, district A; Came over with attestation from Leeuwarden to Ref. Church Kollum 5-6-1796; saleswoman in Kollum in 1834; in 1849 no profession there;
x Anne Lubberts Kloosterman * approx. 1756 † Kollum 4-4-1814, 58 years, 1:00 p.m., house nr. 110, district A; merchant in Kollum, son of Lubbert Annes and Trijntje Theunis.
According to the deed of name registration in 1811 Anne Lubberts adopts the name Kloosterman for himself and en his six children, from the registers of baptisms five children are known:
1 Lubbartus Annes Kloosterman * Kollum 23-8-1798 ~ there 9-9-1798 † there 18-6-1821
2 Trijntje Annes Kloosterman * Kollum 27-11-1800 ~ there 7 Dec. 1800;
x Kollum 27 Sept. 1834 Haye Tjerks Hacquebord * Leeuwarden, rope-maker in Kollum, son of Tjerk Hayes Hacquebord, rope-maker in Leeuwarden, since 1802 in Kollum on the Westerdjipswâl with a second ropewalk in Dokkum, and of Tietje Feddes de Mol, saleswoman there
3 Hendrik * Kollum 25 May 1803 ~ there 5 June 1803
4 Theunis * Kollum 23 April 1806 ~ there 15 May 1806
5 Gerben * Kollum 11 Feb. 1810 ~ there 4 March 1810.

From the marriage of Klaas Gerbens Brouwer and Tætske Sipkes Heslinga two children are known:
3 Gerben Klazes Brouwer ~ Sint Annaparochie 21-7-1771
4 Gerben Klazes Brouwer, follow X

X Gerben Klazes Brouwer * Sint Annaparochie 2 June 1777 ~ Sint Annaparochie 15 June 1777 † Sate 3 Súdhoek below Sint Annaparochie 24 June 1818, 8 p.m. [] Bitgum row 16, lying tombstone, original epitaph:

Gerben Klazes is farmer with his own property at Sate nr. 3 in the Súdhoek of Sint Annaparochie below Bitgum. He is on the list of most highly regarded persons in the region of Het Bildt. (11 April 1812).
He is churchwarden and parish guardian of the Ref. Church of Sint Annaparochie 7 June 1808-5 June 1818; power of attorney of water authority ‘Het Oud Bildt’ for Sint Annaparochie 5 June 1810-17 June 1813; member municipal council for Sint Annaparochie 1 Jan. 1812-1 Oct. 1816; substitute bailiff (before 1814 the name was adjunct maire/deputy mayor) there 21 Jan. 1814 until his death.

Sate nr. 3 is located in the municipality Het Bildt and belongs to the bell of Sint Annaparochie. Gerben Klazes is as a resident of Het Bildt in part deputy mayor and as Sint Annebuorster churchwarden and parish guardian of Sint Annaparochie. But the daily life is focused on Bitgum. As such they are registered there with the church, the children are baptized and buried there and they also go to school there.

Gerben Klazes x Sint Annaparochie 5 Nov. 1797
Aukje Reimers Koopal, in documents signs her name as: Koop=al, * Vrouwenparochie 16 Nov. 1775 ~ there 25 Dec. 1775 † Bitgum 13 Dec. 1856 [] Bitgum row 31, grave 1; daughter of Reimer Sjoerds Koopal, farmer in the Súdhoek of Vrouwenparochie, churchwarden and parish guardian there, and of Jeltje Wopkes Tolsma, as widow owner and user of land below Vrouwenparochie.
Gerben and Aukje confirm at age 38 and 36 according to the Church member list Ref. Church Bitgum: 1816 On 11 February are as church members of our Religious community, after having their confession of faith taken, before the Church council accepted: Gerben Klazes Brouwer & Aukje Reimers Koopal Spouses/…/
According to the church member register of Bitgum Aukje Reimers moves – with attestment of the Ref. Church Bitgum – to Sint Annaparochie 7 Nov. 1821, she lives there with no profession, later in Bitgum.
See: Genealogy Koopal – IV4.3

Under Napoleon’s rule, a list of the sixhundred taxpayers who own the most is drawn up in each Department. The list for Friesland, compiled by the Department of Finance in Paris according to the holdings of the municipal councils, dates from 11 April 1812. Among the thirty people with the most wealth in Het Bildt is noted under Sint Annaparochie Gerben Klazes Brouwer.

Of the six hundred richest Frisians, 47 lived in Het Bildt at the time, which is 8%, while the Bildt population (4,883), made up 2.6% of the Frisian population at that time (175,375).
Of the Biltse population, 1% belonged to these wealthy people, in contrast, 13 to 16% were poor.

A big difference between rich and poor (Source, among others: W.Tsj. Vleer.)

Gerben and Aukje’s eleventh child, Jelle, is smallholder in Het Bildt. He hasn’t farmed so well that he could live off it on his old day and dies in the poorhouse in Berltsum.
However, the elderly of his time could end up in the poorhouse for a fee – which would then serve as a retirement home. How Jelle arranged this is not known; he is not married and has no children either.
There is an obituary of him in the Leeuwarder Courant of 12-1-1897, and that is not reserved for the poor. But it could also be that his well-to-do nephew Gerben Reimers (XII.1) financed this.

Jelle gerbens Brouwer rouadvertinsje

Today our dear Uncle/JELLE GERBENS BROUWER, passed away at the/age of over 81 years./Berlikum, 9 January 1897./G.R. Brouwer./Notification to Family, Friends and/Acquaintances./

According to tradition from various lines of his descendants Gerben Klazes once stood up in the middle of a a sermon in a church in Bitgum and shouted: Come, come, all miracles, all miracles!
It is noteworthy that this saying – which became a proverb with his descendants – was even handed down through the ‘Indian Brouwers’ (the descendants of Meindert Wopkes XII 33.). Maria Martha Warners-Brouwer – a great-great-granddaughter – could repeat this saying in Frisian (summer 1973). And also this: Gerben Klazes later did not come to church anymore. When asked about the reason, he said: What is gained by the soul is lost by the body. It was always so cold in church. His descendants later took on the meaning both literally and figuratively. From the same source, the following was reported from the Dutch East Indies: Gerben Klazes liked to drink and so he occasionally came home inebriated. One of those times he called his wife. But she did not want to come out of anger. He would have thought: If you do not come to me, I will come to you. And so he stepped into the room on horseback. The story also goes that when Gerben and Aukje got married, Gerben told Aukje: Give me your paw Auk. Here you have it Gerrem. The same also happened about seventy years earlier with Tsjalling Camstra en Auck Haersma: Give me your paw Auck. Here you have it Tsjalling.
Could that be where the story came from?

(Below is the spelling of the first names as they appear in the baptismal books.) From the marriage of Gerben and Aukje thirteen children are known, five of whom lived to become adults. The first Jeltje became fourteen years old, the first Klaas about one year, the first Tætske almost five months, the second Tætske a year and a half, the third Tætske seven years and eight months, the first Jelle seven months, the second Jeltje a year and a half, and the third Jeltje five months.
In 1818 Gerben Klazes and two of the children died. Shortly before Gerben’s death his daughter Tætske of seven years, and a month and a half after his death Jeltje of five months.

1 Jeltje Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 1 May 1798 ~ Sint Annaparochie 27 May 1798 † Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 5 May 1812, nr.
2 Klaas Gerbens * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 28 April 1800 ~ Bitgum 8 June 1800 † before 21 Dec. 1801
3 Klaas Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 21 Dec. 1801~ Bitgum 31 Jan. 1802 † Menaam (Bitgum) 23 Sept. 1878 [] Bitgum row 14
Obituary Leeuwarder Courant 27 Sept. 1878:
Died in Menaldum, Klaas G./Brouwer, about 77 years old./23 September ’78./Solely for notification./
Klaas has been a tenant of his family on his parents’ farm in the Súdhoek below Sint Anne since 7 Jan. 1823 (36 bunder en 74 square rods; 13 bunder pasture and 23 bunder field); later driver in Bitgum (house B22);

x Sint Annaparochie 1 June 1823 Maaike Oenes Wouda * Bitgum 22 Dec. 1801~ there 3 Jan. 1802 † there 4 June 1870 [] there row14, grave 11; in 1823 bachelor girl in Sint Annaparochie, daughter of Oene Wytses Wouda, skipper in Bitgum, and of Janke Foppes Fopma

This was a saying in Bitgum: First farmer, then innkeeper, then with the bottom on the wagon and then as worker until the end. Klaas and Maaike did not go through all these stages.
A variant in Vrouwenparochie-Stiens, communicated by Pieter Sipke Bouma in Stiens: First farmer, then innkeeper, then with the bottom on the wagon, horse dead and the wagon worn-out.
Yet another – not much more light-hearted variant: First farmer, then innkeeper, the coach-box broken and the wagon worn-out, as is the worker in the end.

4 Reimer Gerbens Brouwer, follow XI.1
5 Theedske Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 30 Dec. 1806 ~ Bitgum 1 Feb. 1807 † Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 26 May 1807 [] Bitgum row 16
6 Sipke Gerbens Brouwer, see: Genealogy Brouwer 2
7 Teertske Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 1 Feb. 1809 ~ Bitgum 12 March 1809 † before 18 Sept. 1810 [] Bitgum row 16
8 Theetske Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 18 Sept. 1810 ~ Bitgum 7 Oct. 1810 † Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 30 May 1818, 8 p.m. (on the death certificate the first name is spelled as: Tææske) [] Bitgum row 16
9 Wopke Gerbens Brouwer, see: Genealogy Brouwer 3
10 Jelle Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 26 Aug. 1813 ~ Bitgum 26 Sept. 1813 † Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 15 March 1814, 8 a.m. [] Bitgum row 16
11 Jelle Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 17 Feb. 1815 ~ Bitgum 19 March 1815 † Berltsum 8 Jan. 1897, 9 a.m.; smallholder in the Súdhoek of Sint Annaparochie, with his brother Wopke owner of a bunder of land below Sint Annaparochie; in 1890 no profession, living with a shoemaker in Dronryp; lives after 1891 in the poorhouse in Bitgum, since 1 April 1894 in the poorhouse in Berltsum
12 Jeltje Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 28 May 1816 ~ Bitgum 23 June 1816 † Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 30 Dec. 1817 [] Bitgum row 16
13 Jeltje Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 3-2-1818, 8 a.m. † there 29-6-1818, 9 p.m. [] Bitgum row 16

XI.1 Reimer Gerbens Brouwer * Sate nr. 3 Súdhoek Sint Annaparochie 28-12-1802 ~ Bitgum 30-1-1803 † Sjoelema farm Menaam below Bitgum 16-9-1871, 68 years, [] Bitgum row 16, grave 4; worked at and was smallholder on his parents’ farm before his marriage; at time of marriage smallholder in Menaam; since (probably) 1828 cattle and potato farmer on Sjoelema farm in the township of Koutum in Menaam below Bitgum (M51, about 70 pm); at time of the death of his son Klaas in 1869 he was known as smallholder, at time of his death no profession.
x Menameradiel 12-11-1828, 25 and 22 years, Jantje Rinses Haadsma * Oosterbierum 7-1-1806 ~ there 2-2-1806 † Schrans below Huizum 2-12-1878 [] Bitgum row 16, grave 3; at time of marriage no profession in Menaam; Reimer and Jantje moved 19-10-1838 with attestation from Bitgum to Menaam.
After Reimer’s death Jantje lived of independent means in the Schrans below Huizum; daughter of Rinse Ages Haadsma, farmer in Oosterbierum, later Minnertsga, since 1818 at Donia farm (also named Hemmema) in Menaam below Bitgum, church councilmember in Bitgum, and of Botje Tanes Faber.
See: Heritage Foundation Genealogy Haadsma

Of him a silver hare’s leap – This is a tobacco extractor for the tobacco pipe – has been preserved and his silver birth spoon

Reimer Gerbens Brouwer - hazzesprong
Hare’s leap of Reimer Gerbens with a dog at the head: symbol of loyalty. Photos: Freek Zwart. Heritage Foundation – Collection Brouwer-Sint Annaparochie-Bitgum, donated by Roymer Doekeles Brouwer (XV.3.6)
Reimer Gerbens Brouwer - geboarteleppel
Birth spoon with on the outside of the bowl three generations of Reimer Gerbens Brouwer: 1802, 1856 and 1915. On the inside: Rense Ulbe 1 Dec. 1980 (son of Jehannes Ulbe Reimers Brouwer)
Property of: Rense Ulbe Brouwer (XVI.2.1.). See for description: Heritage Foundation – Silver – Brouwer, Reimer Gerbens
The earlier farmstead of Sjoelema farm at the Sânwei below Menaam, with a part of the ditch. The farm stood on the terp of Koutum. It is a bit of a convex angle: with the land consolidation this historical farmstead has not been made level. In the background is the township Paulus Tille. When Reimer Gerbens becomes farmer there Sjoelema farm is named ‘the Brouwers farm’, with the Brouwers ditch, -drive and –driveway; and the Brouwersland, which is still being called that for a long time, probably because their descendants still use it until the fifth generation after him. Photo: Bauke Postma. Collection Heritage Foundation
Jantje Rinses Haadsma obituary
Leeuwarder Courant, 6-12-1878

1 Gerben Reimers Brouwer, follow XII.1
2 Botje Reimers Brouwer * Sjoelema farm Menaam below Bitgum 24-8-1831 † there 8-11-1851 [] Bitgum row 16
3 Aukje Reimers Brouwer * Sjoelema farm in Menaam below Bitgum 29-3-1835 † there 23-5-1884, 49 years, [] Bitgum row 16, grave 6;
x Menameradiel 29-3-1862, 27 and 23 years, Jentje Dirks Siderius * Sint Jacobiparochie 4-8-1838; at time of marriage merchant in Ried, in 1864 there grower of vegetables; in 1868 smallholder in Dongjum; in 1870, 1892 smallholder and merchant in Bitgum (house nr. B38, after 1875 renumbered to nr. 52); emigrates in 1892 with his son Reimer to the United States; in 1898 farmer in Ashton, South Dakota, in 1915 cattle breeder in Chicago (H 10209, Lasellestr.); son of Dirk Dirks Siderius, in 1810, ’53 merchant in Sint Annaparochie, 1833-1838 farmer at Toerenburg (nr. 30) in Sint Annaparochie below Bitgum, after that farmer at Nij Bildt below Sint Jacobiparochie (nr. 34), and of Reinou Klazes de Groot, lives as widow with no profession in Ried;
Jentje x 2 Leeuwarderadeel 26-2-1898 Rinske Gerrits Plantinga; saleswoman in Stiens; daughter of Gerrit Gerrits Plantenga and Bootje Jacobs Damstra, widow of Wijtze Hiemstra
See: Johannes Woudstra, Siderius, de Familie en het Handschrift, own management, Ingelum, 2002 – XII.207, page 153 + idem, Schema Siderius-Brouwer-Koopmans/Koopal-Heslinga, pages 176 and 177
4 Rinse Reimers Brouwer, follow XII.2
5 Jeltje Reimers Brouwer * Sjoelema farm in Menaam below Bitgum 30-12-1840 † Everett, Washington, USA, possibly in 1910, 69 years, [] Event Place Everett Ward 2, Snonomish, Washington; in 1874 merchant in the Schrans below Huizum, in 1893 there with no profession; moves in 1902 to Everett, Washington, USA, is there named Geltzie Fisher (according to the phonetics of Jeltsy (Jeltje) and Vries, separate from the etymological base); Jeltje lives in with her son Reimer Gerrits de Vries, who has property under the name Ralph Fisher (* Bitgummole 12-2-1871 † Yakima, Washington 26-9-1956; x 25-11-1897 Mary Ann Gedes * Banff, Scotland 10-3-1871 † Levenworth, Washington 4-5-1951; children: Annie, Janet and Georg Fisher;
x Menaam 9-5-1866, 25 and 27 years, Gerryt Foppes de Vries (at birth registered as Gerryt, later it is usually Gerrit) * Bitgum 12-5-1838 † below Huizum 3-9-1877, house nr. 143, 39 year, [] Bitgum, row 6, grave 13 (his death is announced by his father and Keimpe Tjeerds de Vries, blacksmith below Huizum); until 1867 smith’s helper with his father in Bitgum; from 11-6-1867 until 10-3-1868 smith’s helper in Leeuwarden; after that smith’s helper with his brother in Bitgum (house nr. 11a); in 1871 skipper in Bitgum; the household moves on 21-10-1874 to Huizum (Schrans 283K), Gerryt is there worker; son of Foppe Pieters de Vries, blacksmith in Menaam and Bitgummole, and Rinske Jacobs Hiemstra
6 Froukje Reimers Brouwer * Sjoelema farm in Menaam below Bitgum 20-3-1844, 11 p.m., † Sint Jacobiparochie 14-9-1928 [] Sint Jacobiparochie row 4 grave 50; innkeeper in De Brouwerij in Sint Jacobiparochie, there also saleswoman;
x Hennaarderadeel 17 Feb. 1864, 21 and 19 years, Æsge Ypes de Vries * Wommels 7-2-1843 † Sint Jacobiparochie 14-2-1929 [] Sint Jacobiparochie row 4, grave 50; from 1-12-1861 until 13-5-1865 baker’s helper with Fokke Abdias Buwalda in Bitgum (nr. 76); after that in Franeker, living in Wommels; at time of marriage baker’s helper in Wommels; came on Alde Maaie (12 May) 1866 from Easterwierrum to Bitgum; the household lives a while with Froukje’s father and mother at Sjoelema farm; in 1866 skipper in Menaam below Bitgum, after that beerhouse holders in Sint Jacobiparochie at the Súdeand (now nr. 4) in De Brouwerij (according to tradition the inn is named after Froukje’s family name.); son of Ype Ypes de Vries, before his marriage baker’s helper in Reduzum, after that baker in Wommels, and of Ymkje Annes Roorda

Portret Froukje Reimers Brouwer
Æsge Ypes de Vries and Froukje Reimers Brouwer. Photographer: De Jong, Leeuwarden, Heereveen, Sneek. Collection Brouwer-Bitgum – Heritage Foundation
De Brouwerij te St.-Jabik
De Brouwerij at the Súdeand in Sint Jacobiparochie. Froukje Reimers Brouwer and Æsge Ypes de Vries are innkeeper here. Supposdely the inn is named after Froukje’s surname. Photo Bildts Aigene
Froukje Reimers Brouwer grêfstien
Froukje Reimers Brouwer and Æsge Ypes de Vries have identical tombstones in the cemetery in Sint Jacobiparochie. Son en daughter-in-law Ype Æsges de Vries and Aaltje Rientses Tuinhof are also buried there

Epitaphs were:
RESTING PLACE/of/Froukje Reimers/Brouwer/Born 20 March 1844/in Menaldum/Died 14 Sept 1928/in St. Jac. Parochie/Wife of/Æsge Ypes de Vries/
and of/Aaltje R. Tuinhof/Born 5 Sept. 1865/Died 7 Dec. 1937

RESTING PLACE/of/Æsge Ypes de Vries/Born 7 Feb. 1843/in Wommels/Died 14 Feb. 1929/in St. Jac. Parochie/Widower of/Froukje R. Brouwer/
and of/Ype Æsges de Vries/Born 7 Dec. 1864/Died 31 Oct. 1939

Rouadvertinsje AEsge Ypes de Vries 1929
Leeuwarder Courant, 15 and 19-2-1929
Brechtje Reimers Brouwer (XIII.1.3) is family-sick: she has interest not only in her closest relatives, but also in a wide range of great-great-grandnieces and nephews. She has a broad field of view of her family. She maintains contact with her nephew Jan Jabiks Kortje, who represents the Communist Party of the Netherlands in the States Provincial and likes stay with her as a guest, as well as with Mr. Goud, husband of niece De Haan, who is a member of queen Wilhelmina’s Court. She sends her children in that respectable family-sick setting for clogs to an great-aunt, 20 kilometres away.
Great nephew Sybe Harmens Andringa writes about his aunt Froukje and uncle Æsge: In Sint Jacobiparochie these elderly people had a shop with clogs and more stuff. Sometimes our mother sent us there as children to wear clogs. From Dyksterhuzen-Bitgummole to Sint Jacobiparochie was a long way. But at the time we went by tram, which was convenient.

7 Klaas Reimers Brouwer * Sjoelema farm in Menaam below Bitgum 15 Jan. 1846 † there 13 March 1869, 23 years, house nr. 167 [] Bitgum row 16, grave 5; at time of death no profession

Klaas Reimers Brouwer - tabaksdoaze
Of Klaas Reimers a silver tobacco box has been kept, inscription: K.R.B./1861. Photo: Freek Zwart


Below is an overview of the family of Reimer Gerbens Brouwer and Jantsy Rinses Haadsma on Sjoelema farm from 1-12-1861 to 1869, with resident nephews and nieces, farhands and maids. A coming and going on the farm in the township Koutum at the Sânwei between Bitgum and Menaam, north of the Hege Wier, past the hamlet Paulus Tille.
In addition to their own children, the following live in with Reimer and Jantje:
8 Botje Franzes Haadsma, niece; moves on Alde Maaie (12 May) 1862 to Menaam
9 Jorke Sybes Buwalda, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1862 to Menaam
10 Marten Dirks de Boer, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1862 to Menaam
11 Bauke Gerbens Heslinga, farmhand; moves on 5-5-1863 to Menaam
12 Jan Sybes Buwalda, farmhand; moves on 14-5-1865 to Sint Annaparochie
13 Willemke Pieters Swart, maid; moves on 12-11-1863 to Arum
14 Pieter Bloembergen, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1866 to Menaam
15 Andries Pieters de Jager, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1864 to Menaam
16 Jan Westra, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1865 to Menaam
17 Meindert Andries Groeneveld, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1865 to Bitgum
18 Trijntje Jans van der Meel, maid; moves on Alde Maaie 1866 to Bitgum
19 Æsges Ypes de Vries, son-in-law
20 Froukje Reimers Brouwer, daughter
21 Ype Æsges de Vries, grandson
22 Reimer Æsges de Vries, grandson
23 Lourens Tækes Postma, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1867 to Bitgum
24 Kornelis Martens Kuperus, farmhand; moves on Alde Maaie 1867 to Bitgum

Click the image to enlarge:

XII.1 Gerben Reimers Brouwer * Sjoelema farm in Menaam below Bitgum 10 Nov. 1829, 11 a.m. † Bessebuorren in Menaam below Bitgum 1 July 1914 [] Bitgum row 16, grave 5.; smallholder/farmer at Bessebuorren in Menaam below Bitgum; since 1881 member College of Notables Ref Church in Bitgum (supervisory board of the churchwardens); writer/treasurer ‘Health insurance fund for the indigent’; commissioner Savings Bank Bitgum;
x Menameradiel 11 May 1853 (under prenuptial agreement) Brechtje Folkerts Damsma * Zomerzorg in Dyksterhuzen below Bitgum 7-1-1831 † Bessebuorren in Menaam below Bitgum 14-3-1921 [] Bitgum row 16, grave 6, earlier epitaph: